KTW delivered a turbine for the mining and processing facility in Orenburg region

20 february 2020

OJSC "Kaluga Turbine Works" has delivered a back-pressure turbine with a steam extraction capacity of 6.9 MW for PJSC "Gai mining and processing works". The turbine is designed for the combined heat power plant with a total generation of 24 MW. These capacities are used for the production needs of mining facility, as well as providing heat and electricity to the Gai city.

"Gai MPW" is a long-standing proven partner of our plant. Since the 1980s, four similar turbines manufactured by KTW with a capacity of 6 MW have been working regularly at the facility's CHPP. The new turbine was manufactured to increase the plant's capacity as part of the facility's retrofitting project," said Ivan Romanov, commercial Director of the Kaluga Turbine Works.

Commissioning of the Kaluga turbine will allow the plant not only to increase the volume of electricity generation but also to additionally use spent steam for production needs:

"In a steam extraction mode, the turbine supplies steam with a pressure of 5 kp/cm2 for production needs, the remaining steam is supplied to the turbine afterbody and under pressure of 1 kp/cm2 is released into the plant's manifold. This volume is used to provide the plant's heating system, which results in significant heat savings", said Nikolai Shulenin, chief designer of KTW.

The Contract for the supply of the ПР-6,9 back-pressure turbine was signed by KTW in 2018. During the execution of the order, the delivery time was met. Pre-commissioning operations at the plant will begin in the summer of 2020.