KTW celebrated World's Labor Safety Day

29 april 2019

This year for the first time the event was held in the format of the conference. Over 100 employees of the company gathered to discuss issues of labor protection and industrial safety.

The conference was opened by Natalia Aleshina, head of the KTW occupational safety and health service. In her speech, Natalia Alexandrovna voiced statistics on injuries at the plant over a 10-year period, presented an analysis of accidents and their root causes, named the most common types of accidents at the KTW.

Among the speakers there also were KTW Production Director Aleksandr Ogarkov, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Kaluga region Pavel Konovalov and Head of State Supervision and Control Department for observance of the legislation on labor protection Dmitry Belikov.

“This holiday affects not only professionals in the field of industrial safety - labor protection begins with the conscious attitude of each employee to his own protection during the working process,” said Production Director Aleksandr Ogarkov.

The official part of the event included the awarding of the leaders of the production units for labor safety. Employees were awarded diplomas and presented with gifts. Also, on the occasion of the holiday, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Pavel Konovalov presented a diploma of honor to the head of KTW occupational safety and health service, Natalia Aleshina.

At the end, the participants of the conference were given a tour of the main production areas of the tool workshop and shown the visualization of injury factors — warning signs and posters, warning marks of hazardous areas.