KTW celebrated the Victory Day by opening of the memorial

09 may 2019

On May 9, the celebration of the Victory Day took place on the territory of Kaluga Turbine Works.

Since 8.00 at the entrances, the young specialists were meeting the employees who game with their families, handing over St. George's ribbons.

The Memorial Opening Ceremony was held at 8.30. General Director of the plant, Yurii Alekseevich Mamin, in his address, urged his colleagues not to forget about the glorious deed of our ancestors. Among the guests were veterans of the plant, participants of the Great Patriotic War, who were given the opportunity to open the memorial.

The cadets of the Kaluga cadet polytechnic college carried out the guard at the eternal flame and musical accompaniment was provided by an orchestra of the Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kaluga city. In memory of the war victims, a minute of silence was observed and then the ceremony ended with flowers laying.

The festive program started at 9.00. Galina Ivanovna Khalturina, Chairman of the Board of Veterans, Alexander Pavlovich Ogarkov, Production Director and Gennady Semenovich Prokhorenko, Chairman of the Labor Union Organization, addressed to their colleagues. The concert featured songs from the war years, which our employees know almost by heart. On the Central square, a field kitchen was organized and for the children, workshops for making handicrafts with thematic symbols were arranged.

There was even time for sport! As a part of celebrations, for the young specialists of the Company, a team sports relay race was held. The employees of the Workshop No. 22 were the first to reach the finish line, giving their colleagues one more victory. And we will continue to celebrate the main Victory in the future, by gathering together as a friendly team!