Kaluga Turbine Works held a suppliers conference

20 june 2019

On June 20, 2019, Kaluga Turbine Works (KTW) hosted a conference organized by the Company for suppliers of materials and components. Among the main topics of the event - improving the quality of products and reducing the delivery time for KTW.

The conference was attended by more than 50 representatives of more than 30 companies from Russia, Germany and Italy, including manufacturers of large electrical engineering equipment: generators, automated control systems, pumps, instruments, as well as manufacturers of rotor forgings, metal of various grades, tools and spare parts.

Opening the conference, Commercial Director of KTW Ivan Romanov noted: “Today we are putting serious effort in the development of new products - turbines, which operate on special refrigerants, as well as turbo-expanding installations with high export potential. Also, I want to emphasize that the Company's contracting is increasing. During the first half of the year, we have signed more contracts for civilian products than during the whole last year, and this trend will increase. In this regard, we and our suppliers need to create a team that will be able to solve complex innovative challenges at a high international level.”

Konstantin Semeshkin, Quality Director of KTW, continued the topic with a report on the plant's quality policy and examples of inconsistencies and violations committed by suppliers in 2017-2018.

Also, individual negotiations with representatives of the production preparation services were organized for the participants of the event, a tour of the main factory workshops was organized, during which KTW Production Director Alexander Ogarkov showed the guests the technical capabilities of the Plant.