12 jun2020
On June 12, Russia Day, Sevmash shipbuilding company in Severodvinsk held a solemn raising of the St. Andrew's flag on the board the newest nuclear-powered submarine "Knyaz Vladimir".
10 jun2020
As part of the reconstruction of the CHP plant of the city of Rudny, Sokolov-Sarbay Mining and Processing Production Association is replacing outdated equipment with new ones with maximum preservation of the existing foundation.
19 may2020
The KTW turbine was successfully launched at the new combined heat and power plant in Sovetskaya Gavan of the Khabarovsk territory.
07 may2020
Kaluga Turbine Works organized visiting congratulations for the veterans of the enterprise.
30 apr2020
On April 29 Acting Governor of the Kaluga Region Vladislav Shapsha visited Kaluga Turbine Works.
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